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Coinstar® kiosks offer multiple benefits for businesses
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Convenient and Reliable

Coinstar® kiosks have provided a convenient and reliable coin-counting solution for more than 25 years. Consumers trust us to count their loose change quickly and accurately, and we strive to make sure they have the best coin-counting experience. We’ve completed one billion successful transactions since our first kiosk was installed in 1992, and our reputation is based on this success.

Coinstar helps retailers generate revenue and increase profits by offering their customers a hassle-free solution for a coin-changing service that they trust and recognize – right where they already shop.

Coin Counting Services

eGift Cards

Cash Services

Buy Bitcoin with cash

With more than 21,000 kiosks worldwide, Coinstar kiosks are easy to find and use. In fact, 90% of the U.S. population lives within five miles of one. Each year, Coinstar processes 43 billion coins, helping consumers turn their loose change into cash, a NO FEE eGift Card, or a charity donation.

Coinstar recently moved beyond coin counting into the world of cash services, empowering consumers to convert their cash into new and exciting opportunities. U.S. consumers can now visit participating Coinstar kiosks and add cash to their Amazon balance using Amazon Cash. In addition, Coinstar has partnered with Coinme, the world’s leader in cryptocurrency, making it easier than ever to purchase Bitcoin with cash at select U.S. Coinstar locations.

Coinstar Kiosk


Our continued success is the result of advanced innovative technology—Coinstar holds more than 24 patents—and a proven platform that undergoes rigorous testing to ensure kiosks are highly accurate and reliable.

Thanks to real-time monitoring and trained technicians that regularly service our kiosks, Coinstar kiosks feature exceptional uptime performance.

Turnkey Solution for Retailers

Research shows consumers make special trips to visit retailers with a self-service coin-counting solution,* and 79% of consumers who cash in a Coinstar voucher spend more than half the cash they received on in-store purchases.**

Because every kiosk is owned, maintained and serviced by Coinstar, there is no need for retailers to waste time – or money – managing or resolving any issues that may arise. Better yet, no investment is required to get started. There are no capital costs, no operating costs, no maintenance fees, and we have a dedicated customer service team available seven days a week to resolve any concerns.

Our back office integration simplifies everything from the initial transaction to reconciliation and accounting. Coinstar’s patented technology offers a huge advantage for businesses by providing an enterprise-wide view of all activity in real time.

Coinstar’s success is a result of advanced technology combined with a proven platform, reliable convenience, and an ever-expanding range of coin and cash services.

  *Seurat Group, 2014
**Field Agent Research, Outerwall, 2014

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