Coinstar kiosks in the U.S. offer many services but do not exchange gift cards or foreign currency.

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100 Coinstar Kiosks in Chicagoland and surrounding areas now offer Bitcoin at Jewel-Osco Stores

Chicago’s history as a financial powerhouse may be why the windy city has more Bitcoin ATM locations per capita than most major cities in America.
BELLEVUE, Wash. - 
October 18, 2019

And thanks to Coinme’s partnership with Coinstar® adding Bitcoin to the grocery list is becoming a common practice for many shoppers at Chicago Jewel-Osco Grocery stores.

“The response to being able to purchase Bitcoin at Coinstar kiosks across Chicago has been extremely positive by both consumers and our retailer partners,” said Jim Gaherity, Coinstar CEO. “Our partnership with Coinme in January 2019 marked the 10 year anniversary of Bitcoin and we feel we’re still in the early stages of explosive growth from crypto curious customers who enjoy easy, safe access to purchasing Bitcoin at our kiosks compared to having to use a Bitcoin ATM machine in the parking lot of a gas station.”

“We are thrilled to see the overwhelming response and growth of our digital currency services in Chicagoland.” said Neil Bergquist, Coinme cofounder, and CEO. “It is clear Chicago is a leader in digital currency adoption.  Our partnership with Coinstar has allowed us to add 100 more point of sale Bitcoin onramps in a pleasant, safe and convenient location…we couldn’t have asked for a better partner mix to help people understand and utilize the power of digital currency as a delightful medium of exchange and store of value.”

The Coinstar kiosks will allow customers to insert paper dollars in exchange for Bitcoin in two easy steps that only require a phone number and inserting cash.  As cryptocurrency continues to influence the financial services industry, Bitcoin kiosks play a critical role in creating awareness and adoption of a new money system that is predominantly driven by customers in the 25-45 age bracket. Coinme states the average transaction size converting fiat currency into digital cash is about $250 per customer.

Although there are a handful of other Bitcoin ATM providers in Chicago, Coinstar kiosks currently offer the largest network owning over 50% of the market in Chicago, and 40% globally, (per data from CoinATMRadar). Further growth has been predicted by market experts despite the recent fluctuating Bitcoin pricing.

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Based in Bellevue, Wash., Coinstar owns and operates the largest fully automated, multi-national network of self-service coin-counting kiosks. With nearly 20,000 kiosk locations, Coinstar provides convenient and reliable coin-counting services at mass merchants, grocery and drug stores, and financial institutions. Consumer solutions include coin-to-cash, coin-to-eGift card, and charity donation options. For kiosk locations and information, visit

About Coinme

Coinme is a leading blockchain financial technology company that is dedicated to helping the world gain access to digital currency. Five years ago, Coinme became the first state-licensed Bitcoin ATM company in the U.S. and now through a partnership with Coinstar operates the largest Bitcoin kiosk network in the world. The company’s vertically-integrated network of bitcoin ATMs, digital wallet, and private client services provide customers an easy, secure and efficient medium-of-exchange and store-of-value.


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