Coinstar kiosks in the U.S. offer many services but do not exchange gift cards or foreign currency.

Bitcoin token with a lock showing security metaphorically Zoomed in bitcoin token with lock showing security metaphorically

Bitcoin Safety &

Discover what makes us so

confident in bitcoin’s safety

Bitcoin Safety &

Discover what makes us so

confident in bitcoin’s safety

Is Bitcoin Safe?

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are backed by blockchain technology, which is best described as a “strength in numbers” approach. Rather than any one company, person, or even computer holding the records of ownership, blockchain creates a permanent peer-to-peer record that regularly reinforces legitimate transactions and ownership. This inherent security has continued to strengthen over time as new users flock to Bitcoin.

The Trusted Name in Coins

Working together with Coinme, Coinstar is proud to extend the expertise we’ve earned through millions of coin transactions around the globe and now offer our customers digital coins in the form of cryptocurrency. We believe in the security and value that a coin backed by blockchain can provide and are excited to offer our customers unparalleled and secure access to Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies.

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Safely Purchase Crypto at a Coinstar Kiosk

Our kiosks never record or store your private information, which makes purchasing cryptocurrency through a Coinstar machine the perfect way to conveniently—and securely—grow your Bitcoin.

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Redeem and Secure Your Crypto with a Coinme Wallet

Individual users are the most common target for cyber attacks. Secure your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency with a wallet from our trusted partner, Coinme. You’ll enjoy unparalleled access, customer support, and protection from threats found online. Creating a Coinme wallet is free, fast, and gets you everything you’ll need to redeem bitcoin purchased at Coinstar!

Why buy Bitcoin?

Wondering what all the fuss is about? Check out some of the key reasons why Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have gained so much momentum recently.

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Crypto FAQs

Curious about how bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies work? Questions for Coinstar or Coinme? Get answers to our most popular questions in one convenient spot.

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